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Commencing with its Mission of Charity, Tzu Chi has been focusing on providing financial aid to the underprivileged families, as well as, study grants to needy students. Along the way, it was discovered that a child’s education is deeply affected by the family’s financial standing. Many children need to work to help support the family’s livelihood, thus lack motivation to continue with their studies. It is also common for the children to take up odd jobs or as labourers upon completion of their secondary school education; and some lose their ability to work due to accident at the workplace, thus becoming Tzu Chi’s care recipients. Tzu Chi Education Foundation deeply feels for the children, who achieved outstanding performance academically but had to give up the opportunities for further studies due to their family’s financial situation.

Tzu Chi is an organization that values humanistic spirit. It also aims to care for the underprivileged group and help to elevate the overall level of education among the people. Hence, since January 2017, it has introduced a study bond to help students, who need financial assistance to complete their tertiary education in Early Childhood Education in local university or college. Details of the study bond are as follows:

Application Criteria

• A Malaysian citizen.

• Aged between 17 and 30 at the time of application.

• Must have resided in Malaysia for the last 12 months and with a permanent mailing address in Malaysia (P.O. Box excluded).

• Not involved in any criminal activities or bankruptcy proceedings.

• Obtained a minimum 5Cs in SPM or in UEC. STPM/Matriculation/ A-Levels/Foundation/Diploma/1st Degree holders are encouraged to apply.

• A credit in SPM Bahasa Malaysia and English.

• Applicant must not be a recipient of any other financial aid from other organization(s) or foundation(s).

• Application may be submitted based on the academic results of the latest semester (for Matriculation/Diploma/A-Levels/Foundation/1st Degree) or trial examination (for SPM/UEC/STPM).

• Participation or involvement in Tzu Chi’s activities will be positively considered.

General Conditions of Scholarship for Early Childhood Education Studies (SECES)

• Scholar must follow the approved programme and abide by the rules, regulations and codes of conduct of the institution.

• Any suspension from the institution will result in immediate suspension of the award.

• Scholar must maintain satisfactory progress in the chosen programme and be in good standing in accordance with the stipulations of the institution and host country.

• The Foundation reserves the full right to review from time to time the granting or continuous granting of the award.

• Scholar is not allowed to undertake any paid employment during his/her tenure without a written approval from the Foundation.

Expectations of a Scholarship for Early Childhood Education Studies (SECES) Recipient

• Scholar is expected to satisfy all course work, examination and/or dissertation requirements, and meet requirement of minimum GPA of 3.30 (or equivalent) in every semester.

• The bursary award will be revoked in the event that the Scholar fails to fulfil the above requirements for TWO(2) consecutive semesters; and the Scholar will thereafter need to indemnify the Foundation in FULL for all earlier expenditure.

• A ONE (1) time allowance may be given to the Scholar if he/she fails to meet the requirements during the tenure of the scholarship.

• No deferment is allowed during the tenure of the bursary award without a written permission from the Foundation.

• Scholar must join as Tzu Ching during her course. Every year, scholar needs to serve 50 hours in Tzu Chi community volunteerism.

• During long holiday, scholar will be required to work as interns in Tzu Chi’s related education institute.

• Scholar may not change or substitute the course applied for except with written permission of Foundation.

• In any event, the granting or continuation of the bursary award shall at all times be subjected to the periodic review by the Foundation, which may involve regular visits to the home of the Scholar.

• All decisions made on matters related to the bursary awards are at the discretion of the Foundation, and are deemed final.

Qualification of Guarantors/ Surety

• Guarantors must be MALAYSIAN CITIZENS aged between 21 and 55 years old, with a permanent address in Malaysia (P.O.Box excluded).

• Guarantors must not be involved in any criminal activities and/or bankruptcy proceedings.

• The applicant’s spouse shall not be a guarantor.

• A guarantor’s gross monthly salary (from a confirmed employment)/monthly income shall not be less than RM3,000.

• No employee of the Foundation or member of a committee formed by the Foundation can act as a guarantor.

• No guarantor may act for two or more applicants at any one time.

• The Foundation reserves all rights to reject any guarantor without specifying any reasons.

Recommended Education Institute

• Diploma in Early Childhood Education – CECE College http://www.cece.edu.my/

• Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Degree in Early Childhood Education – New Era University College https://www.newera.edu.my/edu.php?id=393

• Degree in Early Childhood Education – UTAR http://www.utar.edu.my/econtent_proglist.jsp?fcatid=27&fcontentid=8050&fid=74

Important Notes

• Only candidates who meet the minimum criteria specified are eligible to apply.

• Meeting the minimum criteria does not automatically guarantee the applicant’s success in being granted the bursary.

• All applications will be evaluated and short-listed by the Foundation. The Foundation reserves the right to revise the criteria from time to time.

• During the application process, the applicant will be required to serve in Tzu Chi related education institutes as a form of training. The duration of the training will be determined based on the current scenario. During the period, the applicant will be rewarded with a small allowance.

Scholars for Early Childhood Education Studies (SECES) Details

• The scholarship will cover tuition fees, accommodation, health and personal accident insurance, living and book allowances for the program.

• The Foundation reserves the right to review the value, length and terms & conditions of the award at any time and from time to time.

• The Scholar is required to fulfil a service bond with the Foundation or any of its nominated entities for a period between 3-5 years.

• Commencement, entity and venue of service will be confirmed upon completion of the program.

• However, employment with the Foundation or its entities is not assured.


• 1. The application shall be made in the form prescribed by the Foundation and subject to Terms and Conditions. The application form and procedures can be obtained from the Foundation’s Secretariat at KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall, Lot 359, Jalan Kepong, 52000 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-62563820; E-mail: scholarship@tzuchi.edu.my. These can also be obtained from www.tzuchi.edu.my.

• 2. The duly completed application form, together with the requisite documents, shall be submitted to the KL Tzu Chi Jing Si Hall.

Further enquiries, please contact

Ms. Ng Kah Shan

Phone: 03-62563820

Email: scholarship@tzuchi.edu.my


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