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Pre-school - Love for nature, harmonious relationships, independence and responsibility.

• Love for nature: Appreciate and live harmoniously with nature.

• Harmonious relationships: Value harmony among people, in matters and in environment.

• Independence and responsibility: Independent and take responsibilities for oneself.

Primary school - Fundamental life's values.

Cultivate honesty, righteousness, self-respect, benevolence, compassion, joy and selfless giving; educate on life skills, moral values, humanistic values, science and technology; develop learning ability and grow into all-rounded individuals.

Secondary school - Purpose and direction in life.

• Develop conscientious and intuitive abilities, right knowledge and right view.

• Lay down the basics to cultivate virtue and talent, and be an inspiration to others.

• Uphold precepts and manage life with love.

• Practise benevolence, compassion, joy, selfless giving, sincerity, integrity, faith and honesty.

• Sustain a global vision to purify minds and create a harmonious society.