FAQ for Tzu Chi International School Kuala Lumpur (TCIS KL)

Education is one of Tzu Chi’s four missions. Tzu Chi wish to propagate the correct education philosophy by providing a comprehensive and wholesome education system to produce exemplary future generations inculcated with good moral values, wholesome vision and noble character. Master Cheng Yen said, “Theories that are preached but not practiced would induce fear thus causing fuss, disputes and afflictions. It takes enormous effort to rectify deviance. Thus, it is of utmost importance to lay a strong foundation in educating our children. Tzu Chi’s comprehensive education system, starting from pre-school to university level enables students to learn and grow in a loving environment.” This is Tzu Chi’s holistic education system, which is also an ideal approach advocated by Confucius.

Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia set up its first kindergarten in Kuala Lumpur in 2007. Our teachers, mindful of Master Cheng Yen’s philosophy in education, devote themselves to nurture and instill in our students humanistic qualities thereby transforming them into adorable kids who are kind, polite and loving. It is under such a circumstance that parents have expressed their fervent hope that Tzu Chi would offer a comprehensive education system, extending its coverage from kindergarten to include primary and secondary schools, and possibly university. It is hoped that their children will be able to develop into cultivated and knowledgeable individuals with noble character, and emerge as society role models. Prompted by our teachers’ unwavering resolute and mounting requests from parents, Tzu Chi Foundation has decided to set up Tzu Chi International School to nurture quality citizens and outstanding talents for society and country.

Tzu Chi International School Kuala Lumpur (TCIS KL) will adopt the internationally recognized Cambridge IGCSE curriculum in conjunction with Tzu Chi’s humanistic lessons. While classes will be conducted in Mandarin and English, Bahasa Malaysia will be taught to allow our students to master all three languages.


TCIS KL is founded on a bedrock of society’s love and hope. Our goal is to provide an all-rounded curriculum aimed not only to motivate our students to achieve their absolute best academically, but more importantly to impart life education and inculcate humanistic values in our students. Through the inclusion of Tzu Chi’s humanistic teachings our students will learn to appreciate the truth, goodness and beauty in life and awaken to the loving-kindness within. Meanwhile, Tzu Chi School is also an all-round learning institution for the parents and teachers in promoting and upholding Tzu Chi’s education philosophy under a loving environment both at school and at home.

TCIS KL is a non-profit oriented learning institution. However, to ensure sustainability of the school, a reasonable fee will be charged to cover the operational expenses. It is our hope that such affordable fee will avail Tzu Chi’s education to a wider general public, thus benefitting more students. The fee structure is still being discussed and will be finalized closer to time of completion. It will however be lower than current comparable market rates.

Donation raised is to fund the construction of TCIS KL while the payment of school fees is necessary to cover the running costs of the school. Education contributes positively to society. It is Tzu Chi’s intent to provide comprehensive education from preschool to pre-university level aimed at producing capable and virtuous individuals who will contribute positively for the greater good of society. We look forward to your support and contribution to the building of this school.

The first intake is scheduled for January 2020, starting with enrolments for kindergarten, primary school (Year 1 to Year 3) and secondary school Year 7 students. Intakes for the other year group shall commence in the subsequent years.

TCIS KL is opened to local and foreign students of all races and religions aged from 4 to 19 year-old. These students will come from differing background from low to upper income groups. Reasonable Tuition fees is charged to cover day to day operating cost thus making TCIS KL much more affordable to a bigger number of students. Scholarships will be given to selected students from poor family.

All parents and students are required to attend a presentation on Tzu Chi’s Education Mission and Philosophy. This is to ensure that parents understand Tzu Chi’s educational approach and will fully and willingly cooperate towards cultivating their children to emerge as future pillars of society instilled with wholesome character and academic excellence. Additionally, all students are urged to participate in Tzu Chi’s charitable and environmental protection activities. Only vegetarian food will be served in the school and both teachers and students are required to wear uniforms to foster the beauty and strength of uniformity. In this regard, we encourage all interested parents and students to participate in the varied Tzu Chi activities to gain experience and insights into Tzu Chi’s missions and philosophy. Meanwhile, all potential students are required to sit for an entrance exam designed for their respective age group. Finally, TCISKL will interview both parents and potential students prior to admitting a student.

TCIS KL is strategically located between Bandar Kinrara 9 and Bukit Jalil, a fast growing township within the Kuala Lumpur precinct.